PL Tokyo Health Care Center

The Theme of PL Tokyo Health Care Center has been people' health since it was founded in December 1970.

The skilled staff, state-of-the art medical equipment and the computerized data system. With the sure reliablity, the center has taken pride in many accomplishments as a medical establishment for comprehensive health examinations.

We will continue to make positive efforts in the field of preventive medicine to which greater importance will be attached in our society in years ahead.

In recent years, lifestyle-related illnesses such as cancer, apoplexy and heart disease account for 60% of causes of death. In order to protect ourselves from these illnesses, it is important to detect them in early stages and treat them. PL Health Care Center proposes that you embrace your health-checkup into your life schedule after thirty years of age.

We strong recommend our health checkup to those who fit in the following headings.

  • If you are over thirty years of age.
  • If you have relatives who died of cancer, apoplexy, heart disease or who are receiving treatments for three illnesses.
  • If you are in poor health.
  • If you have many occasions to drink.
  • If you are obese or have such an inclination.
  • If you have not take your health checkup over a year.

The results of the examinations will be accounted for on the day of your checkup. Each and every examinee will have an interview with his or her physician regarding the results of health examinations and receive the report of all the examinations with the summary of the physician's remarks.

Optional Examinations:
The examinee can receive optional examinations such as an MRI examination of the brain and/or a CT lung scanning.